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The Fallacy of “Open”

June 27, 2015


[This is the text (and slides) of the presentation I gave at the HASTAC 2015 conference in East Lansing in May 2015. Please note that many links will take you directly to a pdf of the article referenced.] My presentation today is part of a larger work-in-progress that is essentially my dissertation, and I want […]

from memo to tweet

February 20, 2012


[further musings based on things I’ve read… looking at different ways to think about Twitter and tweets and communication on Twitter.] what is transmitted in a tweet? information? knowledge? facts? all of the above? in his essay, The Memo and Modernity [pdf], John Guillory says that “The difference between information and fact is based on value in transmission.” so, […]

old paradigms for a new mode

January 27, 2012


alternate title: we’ve always been doing it, just the tools have changed, yo. [note: these are just fractured thoughts as I had them… forgive if they do not provide enough context or depth. I am happy to discuss further in the comments =)] I read parts of Ann Blair‘s book – Too Much to Know: […]

mediated friendships

March 30, 2011


among the many dynamics of mediated relationships, trust is an interesting factor. I’ve recently had a few different experiences that involved expectations and behaviors based on 3 different kinds of trust – I’m sure there are more, but I’m going to talk about 3. public persona legitimacy trust professional connection trust trust once removed so […]