February 9, 2015


the more I search for myself, the more I am lost. the more I try to see myself reflected in the world, the less I see. the more I look to what I know, the less I realize I know. the more I try to belong, the further removed I am.       I […]

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August 24, 2014


I observe communities. I try to understand what makes communities come together and then cohere, how communities work to include and exclude people, what the parameters of that inclusion and exclusion are, and what effect that might have on people within and without those communities. we can form community around our love of coffee, our […]

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November 4, 2012


New York City on a Friday night… … party people drunkenly looking for pizza. … lovers making out under the lamps in Washington Square Park. … a couple in their 30s, looking at each other like teenagers in the first blush of love. … dudes returning from a concert, “I processed this data differently when I […]

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on death

April 25, 2012


today I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “you’re going to die in about 30 years.” then I burst into tears. I looked some more and said, “so many people, so much love. it hasn’t been a bad life.” and cried some more, but smiled through my tears… because love makes life worth […]

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gender neutral starts with me

March 30, 2012


a colleague was asking for feedback on something he was designing for a class. him: “they choose their avatar… they can choose a boy avatar or a girl avatar.” me: “do you have any non-boy or non-girl avatar options?” him, making ‘come ON sava’ eyes at me: “sava, these are 12-year-olds.” me: “all the more […]

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from memo to tweet

February 20, 2012


[further musings based on things I’ve read… looking at different ways to think about Twitter and tweets and communication on Twitter.] what is transmitted in a tweet? information? knowledge? facts? all of the above? in his essay, The Memo and Modernity [pdf], John Guillory says that “The difference between information and fact is based on value in transmission.” so, […]

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old paradigms for a new mode

January 27, 2012


alternate title: we’ve always been doing it, just the tools have changed, yo. [note: these are just fractured thoughts as I had them… forgive if they do not provide enough context or depth. I am happy to discuss further in the comments =)] I read parts of Ann Blair‘s book – Too Much to Know: […]

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